Types of classic, vintage truck restorations


Legacy Classic Trucks offers three stages of restoration for Dodge Power Wagons and other classic trucks. Anyone with a potential classic truck or Dodge Power Wagon restoration is invited to call Legacy Classic Trucks for a free consultation to discuss the cost and timeframe.

If you do not yet own a classic truck or would like assistance in finding the right Dodge Power Wagon, Legacy Classic Trucks would be happy to assist you in finding the right vintage truck for you and your needs.

Stage I: Basic Restoration – A Stage I restoration turns your classic truck or Dodge Power Wagon into a safe and reliable truck for everyday use. The classic truck is inspected and repairs are made to ensure that your vintage truck always starts, stops, and runs nicely. Fuels lines are inspected and cleaned, brakes are rebuilt, and the electrical system of your classic truck is thoroughly examined. A Stage I restoration turns your vintage truck or Dodge Power Wagon into a solid and reliable cruiser that will pass your local road safety regulations.

Stage I Classic Truck Restorations are perfect for:

  • Hunting, fishing, and ranch work
  • Plowing and hauling wood
  • Trips to Home Depot

Stage II: Body on Frame Restoration - For those not seeking the time and expense of a full Stage III restoration, a Stage II restoration may be right for you and your classic truck or Dodge Power Wagon. At Stage II the engine and mechanical systems of your classic truck are rebuilt or replaced. Fresh diesel or gas engines elevate your classic truck to modern performance standards. Legacy Classic Trucks will add disk brakes and modern dual circuit brake systems.

Your classic truck or Dodge Power Wagon is then repainted, saving money by stopping short of a complete rotisserie paint job. In the final assembly of your classic truck restoration, you have options such as AC, heat, stereo, electric wipers, seat belts and more. With a Stage II restoration you’re able to cruise the countryside and enjoy many more years of reliable service from your classic truck or Dodge Power Wagon.

Stage II Classic Truck Restorations are perfect for:

  • Scoping the loop
  • Promote a business
  • Touring National Parks
  • Taking those annual camping trips

Stage III: Complete Restoration - A custom classic truck or Dodge Power Wagon that is flawless in every regard. Meticulous care is spent on every aspect of your classic truck, down to the replacement of every nut, bolt and wire. The frame of your vintage truck is removed and sandblasted, the cab is rotisserie painted, and each panel is either repaired or replaced of your classic truck or Dodge Power Wagon.

All mechanical aspects of the classic truck are replaced and upgraded using the latest technology, and the interior of your vintage truck is restored to its original perfection. Legacy Classic Trucks prides itself in the use of the finest leathers, Ralph Lauren fabrics and Sunbrella Canvas for all of its classic truck and Dodge Power Wagon restorations.

Legacy Classic Trucks works closely with a select group of vendors providing you with the best instrumentation and ergonomics within the classic truck and restoration industry. An investment to be handed from generation to generation, Stage III restorations are for those looking for a true piece of art and a collector’s showpiece guaranteed to be revered for decades.

Stage III Classic Truck Restorations are perfect for:

  • Winning a car show
  • Drawing a crowd
  • That finishing touch to your mountain retreat

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